Let's win the hearts of your customers!

INZMO offers many innovative insurance products. Do you have an additional idea? We’ll do our best to bring them to life! 

The customer is at the center of everything we do. We think big, take risks, innovate relentlessly to earn the trust of customers and partners. 

What do we offer?

  • Technology: Our technical platform enables various solutions, from full integrations via API or simple URL sales tools.  
  • Innovative insurance products: E-scooters (used & new), electronics – smartphones, mobile electronics, kitchen appliances, tools, household appliances (used & new), bicycles (used & new), extended warranty for stationary electronics, renters insurance, and many more in the pipeline. 
  • Administration: First-class claims handling, professional customer service, and partner support.   

How does the partnership look?

We are flexible and offer various configurations depending on our partners’ needs. 

  • INZMO Sales Tool: Online/POS – Easy implementation! Go live within one week. 

Online: The partner implements a link/banner that redirects to our sales tool, a dedicated URL hosted by INZMO. This can also be customized with the partner‘s logo. 

POS: QR code for customers in the store redirecting to this specific URL.  

  • Technical integration (API) – Full integration. We provide Swagger documentation and the integration enables: 

Sales on the partner website/app: contract creation payment and billing, portfolio migration. 

Data management: Access to contract data with contract reference. 

Administration: cancellation requests and FNOL (first notice of loss). 

To find out more about the affiliate programs you can send us an e-mail partner@inzmo.com