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Rental Insurance

Rental Insurance

Embrace peace of mind with Rental Insurance, outshining traditional cash deposits.

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Benefits for Tenants

Cut costs by swapping out your hefty deposit for an affordable alternative.

  • Easier move-in and more protection

    Improve financial security, cut move-in expenses, streamline deposit processes, and gain peace of mind with comprehensive coverage.

    Our Premium package safeguards your belongings and shields against unforeseen circumstances like job loss, accidents, or illness.


    Affordable deposit replacement solution. Our coverage packages start at just 2% or 3% of your monthly warm rent.

    No hidden fees. Pay only for the coverage you use, with no additional costs.


    Why tie up your funds for years? Reclaim your deposits.

    Regain control of your financial security and allocate your money where it's needed most.

  • instant & digital process

    First, get your landlord on board.

    Get covered in seconds and receive all your document by email.

  • Better protection than cash deposit

    Secure an insurance-backed product, covering up to 6 times your monthly rent, at no cost to your landlord.

  • Additional Coverages

    Extend your coverage beyond traditional cash deposits, reducing financial risk.

  • Rent your property Faster

    Accelerate the rental process and broaden your pool of potential tenants.

  • Speed up communication

    Cut out prolonged disputes and communication delays with tenants for smoother transactions.

  • Less administrative work

    Spare yourself the hassle of managing cash deposits and all the accompanying administrative tasks.

    Invest your time in what truly matters to you.

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A win for landlords

Upgrade to superior protection with our revolutionary product, minimizing your risk.

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Getting started is easy

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  • Get your landlord on board

  • Start the application

  • Receive the digital certificate

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    Use our app across all devices to manage your coverage and claims in a few clicks.

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    See what the hype’s about

    As if you need more reasons to join the revolution.
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