INZMO is a standout player in the insurtech field, specializing in embedded insurance solutions designed to cater to the needs of residential renters across Europe.

We offer a variety of insurance products, including renters, electronics, liability, and home contents insurance, all delivered in a 100% digital format.

We put the customer first. Always.

We believe the core innovation lies in understanding customer needs, struggles and their values. We design our services around this purpose – this is what makes us authentic. We put the customer first. Always. We think big, take risks, innovate constantly, hire the best and put high efforts to earn customers trust. We are the forth-runner in creating a new standard how people rent their homes and protect their valuables.

Leading innovation in insurance

We harness a range of state-of-the-art technologies to deliver top-notch insurance services. AI and LLMs are central to our operations, which we leverage to optimize our fraud prevention and claims handling processes. This results in more efficient, accurate outcomes, enhancing the overall customer experience. We manage our insurance offerings using our proprietary back-office technology. This comprehensive digital approach streamlines operations, cuts operational costs, and ensures we can swiftly meet customer needs. Technology is at the core of our mission to revolutionize the insurance sector.