Berlin-headquartered insurtech INZMO aims to simplify the insurance process with its full-stack platform combining all steps from purchasing a policy, to filing a claim in a user-friendly, digital-first manner.

INZMO was founded in 2015 by Estonian co-founders and joint CEOs Meeri Savolainen and Risto Klausen.

Meet the Founders

Meeri Savolainen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Estonian born Meeri Savolainen is co-founder and CEO of INZMO, a Berlin based insurtech transforming the laborious insurance process with its full-stack solution where everything from buying a policy to making a claim can be done in an instant. 

INZMO focuses on B2B2C solutions across multiple verticals from consumer electronics and bike insurance and most recently launched Germany’s first fully digital rental deposit guarantee service.

At INZMO, Meeri is responsible for administration, legal matters, company culture, marketing and financial affairs. Meeri has a Law degree from the University of Tartu, one of Estonia’s most prestigious universities and previously worked as a tax and corporate lawyer for Ernst and Young. 

To fulfil her passion for breaking new ground to lead social change, she left the corporate world in 2015 and founded INZMO with co-CEO Risto Klausen whom she has been working together on several projects since 2010.




Risto Klausen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Risto Klausen is co-founder and co-CEO of INZMO, a position he shares with co-founder, Meeri Savolainen. Headquartered in Berlin, INZMO is on a mission to eliminate the pain of the insurance process. With its end-to-end solution, INZMO is making the insurance process simpler, quicker and more transparent. At INZMO, Risto leads on product development, marketing and client acquisition. He also oversees business development and the overall strategy for the business in partnership with his co-founder.

Risto is a former professional motorcycle road racer and a multiple Estonian and Baltic Champion in the Superbike class. It was Risto’s passion for motorcycling that led to the earlier iteration of INZMO, Bike ID, an international bike registry founded in 2015 to counter bike theft. To further monetise the platform the company integrated an app to sell bike insurance and upon realising the potential of easy-to-use online insurance services, in 2016 the founders pivoted the business to become INZMO.


Meet the Founders