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INZMO Launches e-Scooter Insurance Product to Meet Surging Demand in Germany
The e-scooter market in Germany is experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand, fuelled by the growing preference for eco-conscious and sustainable transportation options. Responding to this trend, INZMO, a leading insurance provider, has unveiled its latest offering – the e-Scooter insurance product – to provide comprehensive coverage and peace of mind to e-scooter enthusiasts across the country.
10 European insurtech companies that should be on your radar
When it comes to insurtech, the UK and France are coming out on top as key markets in Europe and growing faster than North American and MEA regions. We've identified 10 European insurtech companies that are ones to watch in the coming months, two of which will be joining us at the Tech.eu Summit in a few weeks time.
15 Effective Ways To Improve Customer Satisfaction And Retention
To help businesses succeed in this area, a panel of Forbes Business Council members recommend some effective steps to measure and improve customer satisfaction and retention rates. By following these strategies, organizations can gain valuable insights into their customers' needs and preferences and take proactive measures to enhance their overall experience.
5 Women-Led Insurtechs for International Women's Day 2023
A more diverse business is a more productive and innovative one
INZMO’s Meeri Savolainen talks to SiliconRepublic.com about diversity and inclusion within the insurtech industry.
Meeri Savolainen: Inzmo... Driving home rental resilience
On this episode of the Scouting For Growth podcast, Sabine VdL talks to Meeri Savolainen, CEO and co-founder of Inzmo, a fast-growing European financial services provider, making renting a home affordable for everyone.
Top 10 insurtechs based in continental Europe
Insurtechs are a force to be reckoned with in Europe. We've listed the top 10 companies driving change in digital insurance.
Championing Women in Fintech With CNote, Money Means, INZMO, and More
This October at The Fintech Times is all about the incredible women working in the fintech industry. With women still forming only around 30 per cent of the workforce, it’s important to spotlight those who are working to make a change and blazing a path for those to follow.
Insurtech Digital profile
We caught up with Meeri Rebane, CEO and co-founder of INZMO - one of Europe's most successful rental insurtechs that is helping tenants and landlords alike
Pursuit of Scrappiness interview with Meeri
Meeri Rebane (EE) shares her experience of launching a company in one of the hottest Insurtech markets in Europe - Germany. Having pivoted away from a bicycle identification platform, Meeri together with her co-founder Risto Klausen (EE) is building a consumer-friendly insurance app in the heart of the Berlin tech scene with an
Tech.eu podcast interview with Meeri
In today’s show, we talk with Meeri Rebane, co-CEO and co-Troublemaker at digital insurance platform INZMO.
Insurtech Digital – feature on customer centricity
Meeri Rebane, co-founder of Insuretech INZMO says technology can help to improve a number of critical areas.
Insurance Edge interview with the founders
It has been said that 99% of all insurtech is seeing a problem and then developing a solution. Well, that’s what INZMO are all about, having started their journey by seeing the problem of stolen bikes and setting up an online register. IE mag chatted with Meeri Rebane and Risto Klausen, who founded the company just a few years ago, to find out more.
INZMO CEO Meeri Savolainen on Insurtech & Innovation
Meeri Savolainen is the CEO and co-founder of INZMO, one of Germany's most successful insurtechs and is a passionate advocate for insurtech innovation
Insurtech Leaders Top 10 Women to watch in Insurance 2022
With new innovations and technology disrupting the insurance industry, we look at ten of the top women leading their sectors in Insurtech this year
Inzmo-Mitgründerin Meeri Rebane: “Große Versicherer sind sehr offen für neue Geschäfte und innovative Lösungen”
Das Berliner Insurtech Inzmo hat in der letzten Woche frisches Kapital über 3,1 Mio. Euro bekommen. Das Geld stammt unter anderem vom Schweizer Versicherer Helvetia. VWheute sprach exklusiv mit Mitgründerin Meeri Rebane über die aktuellen Ziele und die Innovationsfreudigkeit in der Branche.
German insurtech INZMO raises €3.1m in a seed funding round
The German insurtech INZMO has closed a €3.1m fund-raising round led by Change Ventures. The one-stop-shop insurance solution enterprise has now raised a total of €5.2m and is also backed by the Swiss insurance industry heavyweight Helvetia.
Insurtech, Inzmo chiude round da 3,1 milioni di euro
Inzmo, startup insurtech con sede a Berlino, ha chiuso un seed round da 3,1 milioni di euro guidato da Change Ventures. All’investimento ha partecipato anche la compagnia di assicurazioni svizzera Helvetia che nel 2017 ha acquisito una partecipazione della società.
Inzmo Raises 3.1m Euros to Expand Full Stack Solution
INZMO’s mission is to eliminate the pain of the insurance process by offering a full-stack solution where everything from buying a policy to making a claim can be done in an instant. With its end-to-end solution, the startup is making the process simpler, quicker and more transparent.
4.6 on Google
Insurance Shaper of the Year 2019 Award
Germany’s fastest growing startup
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Founded in 2016, Berlin-headquartered insurtech INZMO is a standout player in the field, specializing in embedded insurance solutions designed to cater to the needs of residential renters across Europe. The company offers a variety of insurance products, including renters, electronics, liability, and home contents insurance, all delivered in a 100% digital format.

It harnesses a range of state-of-the-art technologies to deliver top-notch insurance services. AI and LLMs are central to the operations, which it leverages to optimize fraud prevention and claims handling processes. This results in more efficient, accurate outcomes, enhancing the overall customer experience.

With over 90,000 served customers and over 300% growth in 2022, INZMO has acquired recognition and investments from several insurers in Europe. In 2017, the company was recognized as the best fin-tech company in the StartUp Europe Awards by the European Commission, and in 2019 awarded as the Insurance Shaper of the Year.