Digital insurance manager

INZMO’s app and website build customer relationships

Winner of the Insurance Shaper of the Year 2019 award

INZMO is the best Fin-Tech start up in Europe

INZMO is among Top 100 Global Insurtech


Buy and manage insurance policies

INZMO’s mobile app and website give a full overview of all insurance policies, enabling instant extension, the purchase of new coverage for other assets, and claim submission.


Claims made 100% digital

The fastest way to file claims

Customers can file claims quickly and track claims handling via INZMO’s mobile app or website. Customer satisfaction has never been so easy!

Object verification

Insuring used objects is now easy

INZMO products insure valuable used objects. Our technology detects if the object is in good working condition, registers, and verifies the object in just minutes via the INZMO app.

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