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Terms and Conditions of Processing of Personal Data and Cookies

These terms and conditions of processing of personal data (hereinafter ‘the Terms and Conditions’) explain how INZMO Europe GmbH (hereinafter ‘INZMO’), located at Ebertstrasse 2, 10117 Berlin, Germany, processes personal data on the websites and in the mobile applications of INZMO.

INZMO intermediates insurance services via INZMO applications and websites. INZMO is the personal data controller. In the event of providing insurance services, the insurance company is the joint controller.

What personal data we process

INZMO processes the following personal data:

  • the use of INZMO’s services requires the registration of an INZMO account. The following personal data are collected upon the creation of an account: first name and surname, e-mail address, country, language, personal identification code, mobile phone number and credit card details (are transferred directly to the payment service provider);
  • the information that INZMO collects in the course of offering services. Such personal data are collected in order to make offers of insurance services, intermediate insurance services and solve insured events. The volume of the services depends on the country where INZMO’s services are used. The list of the services is displayed in the applications and on the websites of INZMO;
  • information about devices for offering mobile device insurance. Device-based data (e.g. hardware model, version of operating system, unique device identifiers and mobile communications network, IMEI code, phone number) are collected in order to intermediate mobile device insurance on the basis of the data obtained;
  • information about a car or motorcycle (e.g. registration plate) for offering motor insurance. Additional information is obtained through queries from public registers;
  • log information. Information about using the websites and applications of INZMO is collected and saved in server logs:
    • details of how the services are used, e.g. search queries;
    • Internet protocol address;
    • device event information, e.g. faults, system activity, hardware settings, browser type, web browser’s language, date and time of the application and reference URL;
  • cookies and similar technologies. We use various technologies to collect and save information on how the websites and applications of INZMO are used.

Why personal data are processed

Personal data are used for intermediating and offering insurance services as well as for offering loss adjustment services.

What the legal grounds are for processing personal data

Personal data are processed for the purpose of performing contracts. Personal data may also be processed on the basis of legitimate interest if disputes related to insurance services need to be resolved.

Disclosure and transfer of personal data to third parties

The personal data of an insurance policy purchased via INZMO are transferred to the insurance company. The data of the insurance company are displayed in the applications and on the websites of INZMO.

Retail companies may intermediate offers of insurance services via the INZMO platform by entering the data of customers and organising the payment of the fees. If an insurance service is purchased via a retail company that uses the INZMO platform, the personal data (customer’s name, amount and date) related to the purchase of the insurance service will be disclosed to the retailer.

In case of loss adjustment, the personal data are sent to the loss adjuster that solves the loss events and to the insurance company as well as to the retail company that organises the exchange of the device.

The data of the insurance companies, insurance service providers, loss adjusters and retail companies intermediated by INZMO have been disclosed in the applications and on the websites of INZMO depending on the availability of the service in the respective country.

INZMO may involve third parties in order to offer the services of INZMO (e.g. accounting, IT services, logistics companies, etc.). In this case, the personal data required for the provision of the service are sent to the company and it is ensured that the companies guarantee the relevant level of personal data protection.

Security of personal data

Personal data are stored on servers located in the territory of the European Union. INZMO has implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage.

In order to ensure security:

  • the services of INZMO are encrypted using SSL;
  • the rules for the collection, saving and processing of personal data, incl. physical security measures, are constantly updated;
  • only the employees and service providers of INZMO who need personal data for the performance of their duties and who are bound by confidentiality obligations have access to personal data;
  • the personal data that are no longer used are erased or anonymised.

Storage of personal data

INZMO stores account-related personal data until the end of the customer relationship. Personal data related to insurance services and loss adjustment are stored until the deadline established by the insurance company and loss adjuster or during the term provided by law.

Right of access to personal data, right to erase personal data and right to personal data portability

Requests for access to personal data, rectification and erasure of personal data and personal data portability must be filed with INZMO.

If the personal data the erasure of which is requested must be stored due to laws that regulate accounting or insurance activities, INZMO will inform the person about this and explain the procedure for erasure. The personal data transferred to insurance companies and loss adjusters are stored during the term determined by them. INZMO is not the controller of such personal data and cannot demand erasure of the personal data from insurance companies and loss adjusters. The person must file such a claim directly with the insurance company and loss adjuster.

If data are processed on the basis of consent, the consent to personal data processing may be withdrawn.

Messages and direct marketing

E-mail addresses and phone numbers are used to inform about the services of INZMO or changes or technical updates therein.

Consent to receiving INZMO direct marketing messages is requested when a person registers an account in the INZMO application. It is possible to waive receiving direct marketing messages.

Resolution of disputes

You must contact INZMO if you have any questions, requests or complaints about personal data processing. A person has the right to file a complaint with the data protection supervision authority.


INZMO has the right to unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of personal data processing. INZMO will notify about the amendments on its websites and in its applications and publish new terms and conditions.


Cookies are files that are sent to the device via which the website or application is used. Cookies may either be session-based or persistent. A session-based cookie is deleted at the end of the session. A persistent cookie remains in the device until it expires.

Cookies are divided into first-party and third-party cookies. First-party cookies belong to the web or mobile service used, third-party cookies belong to other companies (e.g. web traffic analytics).

INZMO websites use cookies in order to collect information about how web and mobile services are used. This information helps correct and improve the website functionality and service quality.

Cookies help make the use of the website or application more convenient as they save user settings and preferences.

Cookies used on the websites and in the applications of INZMO:

Cookie Period Source Type Purpose
site_lang session INZMO Technical Stores the selected language preference
default_page session INZMO Technical Stores the selected language preference
_gid 24 hours Google Analytical Used to track visitor data
_gat 2 years Google Analytical Used to track visitor data
_ga 1 minute Google Analyse Used to track visitor data
_ceg.u 3 months Crazy Egg Analytical Used to track visitor session
_ceg.s 3 months Crazy Egg Analytical Used to track visitor session
_fbp 3 months Facebook Advertising and Analytics Used to track visitor data
INZMOSID Session INZMO Technical Used to track the current browsing session

We use third-party cookies for analytics purposes, including for targeted marketing and for obtaining a better overview of the use of INZMO websites and applications.

In order to control cookies, it is possible to configure the web browser to accept, refuse or notify of cookies.

Updated: 28.08.2019